• 01. Where are Stateland projects located? How do I get there?

    Our projects are located in the following areas: Quezon City, Laguna and Cavite.

  • 02. How much does a Stateland house and lot cost? How much do you require as downpayment?

    • House and lot prices depend on the location, the house type and the size of the property.
    • The downpayment may be twenty to thirty percent (20%-30%) of the Total Contract Price.

  • 03. What are the financing schemes available?

    We have a number of affordable in-house financing schemes. We offer generous discounts for cash payments and interest rate starts at fifteen percent per annum (15% p.a.) only for installment schemes. It is also easy to avail of bank financing through the following banks affiliated with Stateland: METROBANK, RCBC SAVINGS BANK, BANCO DE ORO, SECURITY BANK, BANK OF COMMERCE and ALLIED BANK.

  • 04. Can I afford the monthly amortization? How much would it be?

    The monthly amortization is dependent upon the chosen financing scheme. Installment payment scheme of up to ten (10) years is available for more affordable monthly amortization. For more information, please call (632) 244-6818.

  • 05. What are the product advantages of Stateland projects?

    Stateland projects are thoroughly planned, theme inspired community developments that have all the amenities and convenience of comfortable living. To ensure quality of housing units, we steadfastly adopt reliable and time-tested techniques and methodologies in construction to ensure that the client gets the best value for his money.

  • 06. What are the items included in my purchase?

    The housing unit will be turned-over to the client in accordance with the specifications of the selected model. We shall exert best efforts to conform faithfully to the plans and house lay-out specifications. However, we reserve the right to alter the plans as may be deemed necessary, and/or vary the floor plan/house lay-out as we see fit for the best interest of both the product and the client.

  • 07. Can I alter/change/re-design my unit?

    Though the exterior of the housing unit cannot be altered, the interior of the unit can be modified subject to the approval of Stateland or the Homeowners´ Association. Other restrictions specific to certain subdivision projects are defined in detail in the Deed of Restrictions.

  • 08. How long would it take for my house to be constructed?

    Construction of housing units usually commences after the client has paid at least 20% of the total contract price. In most cases, construction is completed within eight (8) months thereafter.

  • 09. When can I occupy or have possession of my house and lot?

    As soon as the housing unit is constructed, a written notice will be sent to the client to inform about the turn-over date of the house and/or lot upon compliance with all of the requirements for turn-over as defined in the contract.

  • 10. What are the fees/charges that we have to pay?

    Other than payments for downpayments and/or installment payments to the basic price of the property, the client shall pay for miscellaneous fees like fire insurance premium, location/building plan fees, electric/water connection fee and registration expenses

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